Denmark Demo Day

May 28th, 2019

Meet your next Danish portfolio company and co-investor

Denmark Demo Day connects international investors with their Danish peers as well as the most promising pre-seed and seed stage Danish tech startups. This is your gateway to the flourishing Danish startup scene and a chance to meet directly with the local top-tier startups as well as the best Danish and international VCs and business angels.

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Denmark Demo Day accelerates and improves your Danish dealflow in two major ways:

Before the event: We curate personalized meetings for you.
During the event: We create the space for spontaneous meetings and valuable connections.


of the best International
and Danish investors


startups pitching for
pre-seed investment


startups pitching
for seed rounds


other startups looking
to engage with investors


Jonathan Userovici

Investment manager

Denmark is a must as an international investor: a small country with exceptional talents giving birth to amazing international successes (Zendesk, Just Eat, Unity, Tradeshift, Peakon…) and I really look forward to working with the emerging ones!

Magda Lukaszewicz

Investment Associate

Founders are working hard to get in front of the right investors. As a leading European Series A investor, I want to ensure we’re accessible to the best Danish startups.

Andreas Helbig

Investment manager

Danish startups build upon an amazing local talent pool and a vibrant startup ecosystem — but since Denmark is a fairly small market, they have to find their customers globally. The global ambition is a common trait amongst Danish founders: Our portfolio companies Dixa & Peergrade are great examples for this and we'd love to invest in more!